Gas Mask Fetish 2: Future in Dystopia

Dystopia, Oil on Canvas, 2′ x 6′, 2010



3 generations of zombies; retro Nazi zombies, current urban zombie and future me-zombie. This was a painting depicting a future in dystopia, except it was more like my present in dystopia. When I painted this, I was crawling around on my living room floor looking for pieces of dope on the floor. It was a rather desperate, disturbing time in my life which I look back on now to see how far I have come in recovery.

“beyond all agony and anxiety lies the most important ingredient of self-reflection: the preciousness of my own existence. To my own heart my existence is unique, unprecedented, priceless, exceedingly precious, and I resist the thought of gambling away its meaning.”

A. Heschel


RazorImages on Deviant Art & Lithium Picnic


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