Little Billy Zine

I wrote this short story back in 2007 for a high school final. For years I had dreamed to have the story and illustrations published into a book. However, as new projects came into my life, “Little Billy” remained in my bookself.

When I was studying abroad at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, I decided to pick up a printmaking class as they are known to have a good department. I decided on etchings.

As I was a beginner in an advanced class and with the privilege of being an exchange student, I got to spend my class time as open studio time. With help on basic techniques from the Teachers Assistant (Shi Lei), I decided to experiment by re-doing the illustrations.

There are still a few pages I would like to redo, so I decided to make “Little Billy” into a zine until I find time and access to a printmaking studio here in Los Angeles.

They are hand bound with a chrome and glow in the dark soft cover.

“Little Billy” is a 10 page short story written in “children’s book” style about a boy who is living in the future with the consequences of our current pollution rates. It’s a little dark, a little sad but mostly about dreams and the fragile state of nature.

Each illustration was done by me as etchings; including the the story’s text!

22 pages printed in B & W.

You can buy a copy here at my newly opened shop on etsy!


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