Beam Up the Herd.

Beam Up the Herd.

Color pencils on paper, drawing~11″x13.5″ w/ paper @ 22″x30″.

This is a drawing of two photographs I took in downtown Los Angeles. One was looking down the escalators at Union Station and the other at the little meat shop at Grand Central Market.

BTW Yes, the photo is warped.. Time to invest in a tripod.


2 thoughts on “Beam Up the Herd.

  1. Hi Annie,
    I took a similar picture to yours. When I visited Barcelona I was shocked by the meat market and made a series called How Dare You. I am a vegetarian and against mass meat production, this is why my made series. What has triggered off your interest to take this picture?

    • Wow! That sounds interesting, I would love to see them!

      While this piece was initially done as a warm/cool study playing around with architectural line work in a drawing, the photo of the meat was taken as reference for a large scale painting I am doing of a sinister butcher shop.

      I think I am a little obsessed with using raw meat as symbolism.. I think it represents so much about humanity. I usually use it to represent the human form in some way but I especially like to use it to suggest cannibalism. I am no longer a vegetarian ( i used to be haha) but i agree that mass meat production is quite disgusting. It’s artificial and alien-like.

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