Artist Statement

My paintings incorporate expressive imagery that deals with personal experiences and criticisms I have on human nature. They are meant to provoke a visceral response from the viewer through a direct yet intimate confrontation. My use of radiant or muted colors, smooth and thick texture, and soft or violent brushstrokes relate to my life experiences and aspects of my intersectional identity.

My subject matter is commonly derived from sexuality, gender, addiction and consumption as metaphors. I deal with internal and external struggles between the human body and the mind in terms of morals and beliefs. Although some may be considered taboo, an interest lays in the culture of obsession, over consumption and indulgence in pleasure. Whether representational or abstract, I trigger dualities and have viewers participate by making decisions based on their opinions.

Working with multiple art mediums is an extension of drawing. I have ventured into the realm of merchandizing and see my painted, sewn and printed products as sculptures. The commodification is a statement as an artist and consumer taking control of her own work and “manufacturing” what she wants to see out there. It also reflects my critique on societal norms as a privilege. My current “Positive Menstruation” products are meant to challenge daily discriminations in the form of shame and call for social change. I believe that my job as an artist is to penetrate into a deeper realm of what is accepted as a means of taking control.

Detail (Gush)

Detail (Gush)


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